Gersy Antibacterial Wet Wipes / Wipe Off Everything Except Your Smile

Gersy Antibacterial Wet Wipes can be used to:

  • Sterilize and perfume dry surfaces

  • Sterilize and perfume bathroom seats

  • Moisturize and perfume skin

  • Clean the inside of a car

  • Clean and remove stains from fabric

Gersy Antibacterial Wet Wipes are suitable for children and can be helpful to have at hand when changing diapers. It has a long shelf-life, is alcohol-free, extra thick and extra soft, and the packaging comes in many sizes, making it suitable for the family. Gersy Antibacterial Wet Wipes come in the following fragrances: baby, spring bouquet, lily, lemon and lime, or rose.

What surprise uses can you think of for wet wipes? Here are some of our favourites:

  • Cleaning the computer keyboard and screen

  • Cleaning shoes

  • Removing makeup

  • Removing pet hair from carpets and furniture

  • Wiping ink stains from skin